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During recent years many thematic festivals have developed internationally to cover the needs of the audience for a broader and more penetrating up-date on specific matters. A festival that applies specifically to health matters does not exist anywhere in the world yet. Therefore, it is concluded that there is a necessity to create such an international institution and the best place to host it, is Greece and specifically the island of Kos, since the title of the organization is “Ippokratis”. It is also concluded that in recent years there is a great production of films, all over the world, which approach health issues with respect and ethos, but rarely do these films reach the distribution network or the television channels. Therefore, it is essential that these very important ethical and humanitarian projects should be brought to as many viewers as possible. For these reasons we have processed the idea of the creation of the First International Health Film Festival.
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* It is an international health and film festival. UNIQUE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, with the epicenter being the simple human being.
* The film festival has the ability to transmit, responsibly and effectively, multiple messages to the public with an original and entertaining way.
* The Health Film Festival “Ippokratis”, will turn into an institution that will be utilized each year, for accomplishing various communicative targets in relation with issues of health and prevention.
* This constant “communication vehicle”, will contribute to the establishment of messages to the audience-target at the time, as well as to the general public.


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