CORE DAMAGED - International Health Film Festival
Awards 2010

The audience’s special mention goes to Gamma Bak for the film "Head Cold".
The audience’s second prize goes to Stephen Walker for the film "A boy called Alex".
The audience’s first prize goes to Michel Orion Scott for the film "The Horseboy".


The Short Film Jury is pleased to announce the winners of this year's short film competition.
This year's selection of short film programming spanned the spectrum of human experience - films on birth, death, and the challenges that face us between the two.

Special Mention goes to a simple and powerful film, Beginnings by Jara Malevez, which portrays as no film has ever done, the intensely profound moment of bonding which occurs when a newborn first opens its eyes. We sense the significance of the first loving glance which welcomes the child into this world and sets its course ...for a lifetime.

Second prize is awarded to a film which which offers a startling and fresh window into the world of a woman with Alzheimer's disease. Mum by Adelheid Roosen captures the overflowing, loving vitality of her mum, regardless that her rational faculties may be disappearing. This is a brave film, both humanly and cinematically. Mum is a daring snapshot of a woman surrounded by the love of her family.

First prize goes to a film which shows us in a most sensitive and matter-of fact way that we are here to live in this world fully until it's time to go. Famous 4A by Mike Attie is a beautifully crafted film filled with warmth, and compassion, showing that there can be joy even in our last moments.
These films and many other films in the festival seem to point to a tangible force of love which pulls us into life, pulls us through our seemingly endless challenges and pulls us lovingly forward into our inevitable death.


2nd prize awarded ex aequo between two films:

CHEMO, dir. Pawel Lozinski, Poland
Jury statement (short): In beautifully-shot imagery, the film interweaves everyday discussions in a cancer ward with deeply philosophical meditations to celebrate the beauty of life in the face of death.


A DEADLY DILEMMA, dir. Juul Bovenberg, The Netherlands
Jury statement (short): Three doctors are torn between their ethical responsibility to heal and respecting their patients’ wishes to put an end to their suffering. A rare, intimate portrait of medical practitioners grappling with the deeper implications of euthenasia and their role as both healers and human beings.
1st prize
THE ERECTIONMAN, dir. Michael Schaap, The Netherlands
Jury statement (short): With a refreshing sense of humour and self-irony, the director chronicles his struggles with his dwindling masculinity and the global obsession with instant, unlimited virility. The winner of the medium-length category goes to Michael Schaap for THE ERECTIONMAN.


Dr Henry Marsh
We were told that one of us should serve as the president for our jury of three but we found that we got on so well together and were in such agreement about the feature films we were to judge that we decided that we would have three Presidents instead. I will talk briefly about what we were looking for, and Joop and then Hannah will announce our choices and – briefly! – our reasons for them.
We watched many wonderful films, and we will leave this marvellous festival – organized so brilliantly by the inspirational Lukia and her team - having learnt much, much more about Health, or the lack of it, in the world as a result of the films we have seen.
We were looking for films that served for us as windows on the world and which were more than just a mirror for the film-maker. We were looking for films that told us something that was important – even if it made us uncomfortable - or beautiful, or moving and which told a story with clarity and intelligence, and which were made with all the technical artistry and craft that is required by true film-making.
So much for the theory.
 Making a final choice for the best film, however, was really very difficult indeed. Different films had different virtues and we found it hard to decide which virtues should be the most important – but we found that could make a decision and at this point I will hand over to Joop….
Joop van Wijk
After having seen the films in the feature length film competition, we got together - directly after the screenings - for a quick evaluation and a first validation of the film we just saw.
Today, after having seen all of them, we had an intense discussion about the films to be awarded in which we analysed the films, not only with respect to our own experience of the films and personal preferences.
We implemented 4 categories: the art & craftsmanship of the makers that showed in their film; the emotional impact it had on us and may have on others, the facts displayed and intellectual challenge it provided and, finally the accessibility of the film for the audience that is meant to be reached.
We came – in unanimity – to the conclusion that we’re going to give away three prizes:
An overall winner, a runner up and a Special Jury Award.
I’m very happy to announce the Special Jury Prize for a film which in many ways moved us most of all the films we saw. And it was also perfectly made. Although, as you know, Nobody’s perfect.
So that’s the one: Nobody’s Perfect by Niko von Glasow
For the final winners, we turn to our one and only President: Hannah Fisher, please do come forward.
Hannah Fischer
Loukia, I thank you for following your intuition and establishing this groundbreaking festival event.
You have forged ahead into unchartered territory like an intrepid warrior and we salute you.
In creating a festival with a focus on those issues of personal, mental and social health you have provided a form for dialogue and debate as well as a new home for filmmakers, but in particular, those filmmakers who are drawn to subjects that are unusual, unique and challenging.
The runner up prize goes to a very well made film: telling an alarming story, thoroughly researched, effectively and humorously told. A story that is meant to open our eyes to an important issue.
This is an inspiring film which calls for action and at the same time for self-respect and self-determination for both men and women.

The runner up award goes to “Orgasm Incorporated” by Liz Canner
In awarding the top prize of the 2010 Kos Ippokrates 2nd International Health Film Festival in we have selected the film that we feel expressed most clearly technical merit and intellectual rigor, combined with emotional authenticity and truth.
The subject of this film will confound many with his obstinate determination, his arrogance, his genius and his unique personality.
Whatever others may have said about him, he stood in his truth!
We very happily present the top prize in the feature competition to ‘The Genius & the Boys” by Bosse Lindquist.
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