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Wednesday 1 September
15.30 Scientists under attack - 88’ - Bertram Verhaag, GERMANY
  Two scientists suffer the consequences of their research on the genetically modified plants.
17.00 It’s still me - 17’ - Candy Kugel, Vincent Cafarelli, USA
  A 17-minute guide for people with aphasia and their loved ones.
17.20 Nobody Around - 4’ - Zikica Jovanovic, SERBIA
  A young man in the middle of the countryside, decides to light a cigarette.
17.25 The boy inside - 47’ - Marianne Kaplan , CANADA
  The director turns the camera on her 12-year-old son Adam, who has Asperger Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism.
18.15 Including Samuel - 56’ - Dan Habib, USA
  Τhis documentary chronicles the director’s family efforts to include their son Samuel, who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, in every facet of their lives.
19.15 The sound of insects - 88’ - Peter Liechti , SWITZERLAND
  The incredible story of how the mummified corpse of a 40-year-old man who committed suicide through self-imposed starvation.
20.45 Dark to light:saving Burma's eyes - 26’ - Rachael Thompson , AUSTRALIA
  For every person’s sight saved by a local doctor in Burma, at least three are left to go blind. Dr Henry Newland may have the answer.
21.15 Sangoma:Zulu Traditional healers - 54’ - Peter Davis, CANADA
  Africans still believe in the healers who have served their communities for centuries, and believe that their methods are efficacious.
22.10 Shadow - 26’ - Vladimir Perovic, SERBIA
  When former eye sight, because of diabetes, reduces to gloomy moves, what does the man do..!?In this journey Zikica has a beautifu, white friend, Shadow.
22.40 The amazon body - 75’ - Anja Unger, FRANCE
  Having developed cancer, Annick had a breast removed in 2000. She chose to remain “asymmetrical”. She and some other women have been preparing an art exhibition around the idea of the “amazon body”.
20.30 Sideeffects - 5’ - George Gortsos, Anthi Apostolou, GREECE Directors present
  What impact do our activities have on the human microcosm, as well as on our environment?
20.50 The horseboy - 94’ - Michel Orion Scott Rupert Isaacson, USA - Directors present
  Rupert Isaacson embarked with wife Kristin and 5 year old autistic son Rowan by horseback, to seek help from legendary shamans in Northern Mongolia.
22.30 Famous 4A - 20’ - Mike Attie, USA - Director present
  For people living in 'Famous 4A,' the hospice unit in a Veteran's Administration hospital, life goes on, although it will soon be over.
22.50 Chow Down - 55’ - Julia Grayer, USA - Director present
  Charles, John and Garnet decide to take on their diseases, by drastically changing their diets.
Thursday 2 September
10.00 Are you listening? - 22’ - Geetu mohan das, INDIA
  Little Hasna is a four year old girl born totally blind at birth. Her zest and fascination for life is communicated through a fly and a cat, that are part of her imaginative world.
10.30 Nobody’s perfect - 84' - Niko von Glasow, GERMANY
  Eleven people are posing naked for a book of photos. They were born disabled, like the director himself, due to the disastrous side-effects of Thalidomide.
11.50 Father’s finger - 17’ - Yang, Shih-Yi, TAIWAN - Director present
  My dad has never held my hand. But since he’s getting older, Ι have an urge to learn to hold his hands from the very beginning…now or never!
12.10 Beginnings - 38’ - Jara Malevez, BELGIUM - Director present
  This documentary follows 7 newborns and their parents during the first minutes after birth.
12.50 Born in ’81 - 12’ - Jamal Idoumjoud, MOROCCO - Director present
  Α 17 year old boy chooses to use drugs by syringes, to forget his learning problems.
13.10 A deadly dilemma - 52’ - Juul Bovenberg, NETHERLANDS
  Euthanasia confronts doctors with their own emotions, beliefs and their views on life and death.
14.10 Across the river - 60’ - Duki Dror, ISRAEL
  Moshe Rahamim sets on a one-man rescue mission to save from AIDS and discrimination his Ethiopian community, who is established in Israel.
15.10 Drona & me - 19’ - Catherine van Campen, NETHERLANDS
  We are exploring the world of an autistic boy, Drona (9), through the eyes of his brother Arjun.
15.30 Forget me nots - 17’ - Dempsey Rice, USA
  The act of remembering is so intrinsic to our experience, that we usually don’t even notice it. On a more profound level, remembering is the key to our identity.
15.50 Grounded by Reality - 12’ - Phoebe Brown, Elizabeth Strickler, USA
  Jessica Blinkhorn was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at age 19 months—she took her last steps at three years old. But that didn’t keep her from being a great artist.
16.05 Chemo - 58’ - Pawel Loziński, POLAND
  Patients in an oncology clinic receive chemotherapy. Through their conversations, life reveals its value, sense and charm.
17.05 Beauty mark - 50’ - Carla Precht, Kathleen Man, USA
  In what ways can standards of beauty and the drive for fitness actually make us sick, rather than healthy?
18.05 Google Baby - 76' - Zippi Brand Frank, ISRAEL
  Doron, an Israeli entrepreneur with a high tech background, proposes a new service - Baby production, through the Internet.
19.25 The moon inside you – 73’ Diana Fabiánová, SLOVAKIA, FRANCE, SPAIN - Director present
  Why has Diana been suffering from painful periods for years? This innocent question is the beginning of an emotional voyage, to the very roots of femininity and life.
21.00 Love in India - 91' - Kaushik Mukherjee, INDIA
  Love and sex. A volatile story of confusion in a country with a timeless tradition of spiritual sexuality.
22.40 Carl Djerassi-Father of the pill - 42’ - Eberhard Büssem, AUSTRIA/GERMANY - Director present
  This film takes us through the life and works of the “father of the birth control pill”, art collector and author, Carl Djerassi.
23:30 Bunong birth Practices - 50’ - Tommi Mendel, SWITZERLAND - Director present
  This film documents the birth practices of the Bunong in Mondulkiri province, located in the northeast of Cambodia.
20.30 Twist of fate - 9’ - Karen Aqua, USA - Director present
  This experimental animated film explores the transformative experience of being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
20.50 A good man - 79’ - Safina Uberoi, AUSTRALIA
  Chris is married to Rachel, who is quadriplegic, and they live together in their farm, along with their son. The news that they are having a second child, led Chris to the decision of opening a small, legal brothel.
22.30 Kiran - Joy of giving - 11’ - Umesh Aggarwal, INDIA - Director present
  Two tragic events led Anshu Gupta and Subhashini Mistry to give creative solutions to the health issues of rural India.
22.45 Headcold - 92’ - Gamma Bak, GERMANY Director present
  Α personal, long-term observational documentary about psychosis, still a tabooed topic.
Friday 3 September
10.00 Milk from the goat? - 33' - Panagiotis Karantias, GREECE - Director present
  Filmed in various regions of Greece, this documentary deals with the waving fever.
10.30 Correlations - 20’ - Fany Triantafillou, GREECE - Director present
  Starting from a common and “difficult” symptom like a headache, a dialogue begins.
11.00 Long days - 26’ - Simin Fallahzadeh Tehrani, IRAN - Director present
  The film presents the lives of several Women who are afflicted by Alzheimer.
11.30 Love or leave me - 21’ - Mark Crama, NETHERLANDS - Director present
  Pauline from dance4life goes on a quest to find out about HIV/AIDS. She ends up in South Africa.
12.00 Pandemic - 27’ - Harri Larjosto, FINLAND - Director present
  The sites of the basic functions of a city, such as the “discharge industry” etc., are excluded from the city centre, a prerequisite for its very existence.
12.35 Positive? - 8’ - Dimitris Bavellas, GREECE - Director present
  No one can be considered above suspicion, especially when it comes to issues that deal with passion and lust.
12.45 Room zero - 13’ - Dimitris Papathanasis, GREECE - Director present
  Α pregnant girl collapses in the arms of Antonis at the entrance of the Hospital and this incident will make the timid-until that moment- man reconsider his life.
13.05 Rosmarinus Officinalis - 20’ - Andreas Siadimas, GREECE - Director present
  “In the wrong hands, remedy becomes poison”. Can a herb be a gift of life and a curse of death at the same time?
13.30 The most distant places - 35’ - Mike Seely, USA
  Dr. Edgar Rodas has dedicated his life, to improving the health conditions, for underprivileged communities in his native Ecuador.
14.00 Queen of condoms - 76' - Silvana Ceschi, Reto Stamm, SWITZERLAND/IRELAND
  German-born Monika Krause caused a sensation in Cuba, as the country’s first state sex edu¬cator.
15.20 BREAK
16.30 The big day - 11’ - Gabor Sebo, HUNGARY
  Τhree mentally diseased friends change to “normal” on the “Big day”.
16.45 The Blind family - 26’ - Nikolai Makarov , RUSSIA - Director present
  Α young blind family is waiting for their first child and hope that he will be able see.
17.10 Colouring their winter - 52’ - Arlette Girardot, FRANCE
  The daily lives of artists in a retirement home. They are still driven by the compulsion to create.
18.10 Mr India - 47’ - Haobam Paban Kumar, INDIA - Director present
  For Mr. Khundrakpam Pradip Kumar Singh, “actual life” started in March 2000, when he learnt that he was infected with the deadly virus, ΗΙV.
19.00 A boy called Alex - 49’ - Stephen Walker, UK - Director present
  16 year old Alex has a disease that could kill him at any time. Now, his one ambition is to conduct Bach’s epic choral work, The Magnificat.
20.00 Sleeping with your head in the oven - 50’ - Grant Atkins, UK - Director present
  Do the TETRA transmitters damage our health?
21.00 Facing Anorexia - 60’ - Mike Wennekes, Jessica Villerius, NETHERLAND
  A confronting look at the world of anorexics.
22.00 My toxic baby - 46’ - Min Sook Lee, CANADA
  With her baby daughter on her hip, Lee embarks on a determined quest to find simple, sane and affordable ways to reduce toxic threats.
20.30 Mum - 20’ - Adelheid Roosen, NETHERLANDS - Director present
  The director tries to enter into her mother’s world, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
20.50 Orgasm Inc. - 78' - Liz Canner, USA -
  Α powerful look inside the medical industry which reshapes our everyday lives around health and that ultimate moment: orgasm.
22.30 Life is awesome - 52’ - Tadeusz Król, POLAND
  2 years following her son’s tragic death Teresa Anielak sets out on a quest to find the recipient of her son’s heart.
23.20 Lovers - 51’ - Rafal Skalski, POLAND
  The characters portrayed in this documentary are people with disabilities and, despite their limitations, they celebrate life at its best.
Saturday 4 September
10.00 XXL Lives - 52’ - Tania Pedroni, ITALY
  Going on a diet is a fatigue that everybody knows. But for someone this is a more difficult, almost impossible challenge.
11.10 Try again - 46’ - Kostas Machairas, GREECE
  During the last few years, electronic games monopolize the interest of young people. Thus, from being a harmless entertainment, they tend to become a new kind of addiction.
12.00 Vine of the Soul - 52’ - Richard Meech, CANADA - Director present
  Seeking spiritual awakening and healing, a doctor and an accountant join others in the Amazon to drink a psychoactive tea called ayahuasca.
13.00 Stretch marks - 67' - Zohar Wagner, ISRAEL
  The director films herself and talks about how she got pregnant by one man, fell in love with another and celebrates her rising sexuality, up until the day she gave birth.
14.00 You can’t imagine - 31’ - Alessandro Davoli, ITALY/HOLLAND - Director present
  Cristian, a video games addict, is forced to get in touch with the real world and meets a girl that is going to change his life.
14.30 BREAK
16.00 Eatrip - 78’- Yuri Nomura, JAPAN
  Τhis documentary takes us on a journey throughout Japan, looking at how life can be led optimally, through the daily ritual of eating.
17.30 Love and the art of giving - 61’ - Simon Eugene, INDIA/UK
  The spiritual leader and Yoga guru, Swami Satyananda and an ancient, holy, tantric festival that takes place in the ashram.
18.30 The mistake - 11’ - Haris Stathopoulos, GREECE - Director present
  A gas station owner is being treated in a hospital. Because of a medical mistake, the doctor tells him that they conducted more tests on him.
18.45 Skin and bone - 35’ - Philip M. Magcalas, USA - Director present
  Α meaningful perspective of the doctors, nurses, technologists and visiting researchers who all play an integral role in our experience during times of illness.
19.20 The trap - 24’ - Marina Danezi, GREECE - Director present
  A documentary film about the restitution of disabled / handicapped people. A glance at psychiatric institutions (operating as storages of human beings) and endangered guest houses.
20.00 Just trial and error - 63' - Alex Gabbay, UK - Director present
  The director invites a sculptor, two neuroscientists and an internet entrepreneur to explore the part consciousness plays in our lives.
21.10 The edge of dreaming - 73' - Amy Hardie, UK/SCOTLAND
  The director dreamt her horse was dying. She woke up scared, only to find him dead. The next dream told her she would die herself, when she was 48.
20.30 Incurable India - 56’ - Umesh Aggarwal, INDIA - Director present
  70% of India’s population lives in rural areas but 80% of all hospital beds are urban. Millions of its citizens are constantly swinging between life and death.
21.30 The erectionman - 52’ - Michael Schaap, NETHERLANDS
  This movie tracks the history of a little pill that popped on to the market ten years ago, and turned the world upside down.
22.30 The ancient ostrakon - 22’ - Nikos Alevras, GREECE - Director present
  Why is a piece of baked clay, an ostrakon—which derives from the Ancient Greek word for bone—the hardest material on earth? Was Heraclitus right when he wrote "Everything flows"?
22.50 The idiot cycle - 96’ - Emmanuelle Schick, UK/FRANCE
  The chemical companies that invented genetically modified crops have lobbied against their long term health testing. Is it because these foods causecancer?
10.00 The genius and the boys - 84 ’ - Bosse Lindquist, SWEDEN
  The story of Νοbel prize winner doctor Carleton Gajdusek, who was accused of having sex with his foster son.
11.30 Evridiki's case - 74’- Freddy Vianellis, GREECE - Director present
  After 7 years of heroin addiction, Evridiki doesn’t waste her life anymore and manages to fathom her dysfunctional family.
12.50 Waiting Room - 14’ - Dimitris Andjus, GREECE - Director present
  In the waiting area of the microbiology laboratory of a hospital, two people meet randomly. Does it take courage to face reality?
13.10 Walk with a guide - 11’ - Maciej Cendrowski, POLAND - Director present
  Walking through Lodz on his way to work, Remy is preparing a sound map of the city. «Sometimes to see the world, you need to close your eyes».
13.25 You can trust me - 10’ - Thanassis Totsikas, GREECE - Director present
  A series of consequences occur in the same hospital.
13.40 Let's get out of here - 35’ - Stavros Psillakis, GREECE - Director present
  The Mental Hospital of Chania. An impermeable and totalitarian institution that had lost its therapeutic role. Therapy in this asylum took the form of alienating and subjugating life.
14.15 Fear - 86’ - Michiel van Erp, NETHERLANDS - Director present
  Α collage of people who attempt to overcome various anxiety disorders in the crowded city of Amsterdam.
15.45 BREAK
16.25 Prisoner of her past - 57’ - Gordon Quinn, USA - Director present
  A 69‐year‐old packed her clothes into two shopping bags and fled. A year later she was diagnosed with late‐onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
17.30 The caregivers - 45’ - Andy Abrahams Wilson, USA
  The caregivers are the ones that support the member of their family, that was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.
18.15 The sacred hoop - 53’ - Aitken Pearson, USA/UK
  The Sacred Hoop of the Lakota Nation is the unity that binds everyone and everything together, thus contributing to the strength and health of the circle.
19.10 Where healing is a tradition - 30’ - Ms. Gargi Sen, INDIA - Director present
  The film presents those invisible women of India, who for generations have been practicing folk medicine.
19.40 Side by side - 47’ - Peter Davis, CANADA
  The efforts of a group of Zimbabwean women who combat the AIDS pandemic, through a number of initiatives in education and primary health care.
20.30 Clown Rounds - 4’ - Laura Drummond, AUSTRALIA Director present
  Dr Bubbly and Dr Ready are like no other doctors on staff! But what is it really like to be a clown doctor?
20.35 Ida's dance club - 59’ - Dalit Kimor, ISRAEL
  A ballroom dancing competition in a retirement community is the setting for this moving portrait of individuals dancing against all odds.
21.30 Awards Ceremony
21.30 Young@heart - 110’ - Stephen Walker, UK - Director present
Monday 6 September
10.00 Be heathy - 12’ - Takis Sakellariou, GREECE - Director present
  This is a presentation of three microfilms, produced by the Greek Public Television ET, with main goal to increase audience attention concerning health.
10.15 A method and place for health - 6 ’ - Antonios Liolios, GREECE - Director present
  A compilation of various medical topics for the general public, presented in a simple, pleasant and often humorous way.
10.25 A healer is born - 34’ - Gargi Sen, INDIA - Director present
  A group of women in a drought-prone area near Pune start to do a simple thing - learn about their bodies and their health and lead better lives.
11.00 Dionysian night - 53’ - Stefanos Kakavoulis, GREECE - Director present
  Ourania lives with her daughter Dionysia, who has Cerebral Palsy. Their only outing, is the walk they take every afternoon in the park. There they meet a young kind man, Anthony.
12.00 Adha Asman: women's access to healthcare - 32’ - Samina Mishra, INDIA - Director present
  Women’s health in India continues to be seen in limited ways. Their sickness is never taken into account, till the work they offer begins to suffer.
12.35 Hippocrates in Olympia - 52’ - George Petritsis, GREECE - Director present
  In this documentary we explore Hippocrates and his fascinating life.
13.35 Bushman's Secret - 65’ - Rehad Desai, INDIA - Director present
  The important culture of bushman and other indigenous groups around the world, set against capitalism.
14.30 BREAK
16.00 Daughter of suicide - 72’ - Dempsey Rice, USA
  The director was 18 years old when her mother killed herself. This film follows her on a journey to get to know her mother and to understand her death.
17.15 Exploring my health - 45’ - Donnel "Nail" Baker-Adams, USA
  Michael Broadnax, as he explains how to live, even though you may be facing some serious health problems.
18.00 Baal - 80’ - Manuela Morgaine, FRANCE
  Baal, the god of the lightning in the Middle East, hunts the lightning in the sky and brings back to us the surreal of the images.
19.20 Happily forgotten - 45’ - Galia Oz, ISRAEL - Director present
  At her 80th birthday, as vivid as an adolescent, Lola, the only daughter of an unknown artist, is urged by others to seek fame at all cost.
20.15 Born at home - 60’ - Sameera Jain, INDIA
  The film observes indigenous birth practices and practitioners in parts of India.
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