Love me or leave me

Director: Mark Crama
Running time: 21’ - The Netherlands, 2009

Director’s Bio

After 15 years experience as a director of a wide range of different content for television, Mark Crama decided to focus on subjects that matter, be it in governmental or non-governmental organizations to subjects about music, health, art and cultural differences. After working as a production manager on the 6 part, one hour length documentary series ‘A Dollar A Day’ and the film ‘Meester Ben’, Mark Crama decided to start his own company CRAMARK PRODUCTIONS.

Contact Director
Mark Crama
Borneolaan 396, 1019 Kn, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 6 222 56789


Living positively


Love or leave me




Vox Pops 1


Paradise a woman

Director: Mark Crama


With: Pauline Moret


Sound: Eaton de Jongh


Graphics: Valentine Kreykamp


Voice: Michael Tobias Nierop


Animation:  NuFormer Digital Media


Production – Netherlands: Ethan Films, Miles Roston


Production - South Africa: Firestarter, Warren Coetzer, Genevieve Cutts



Pauline from dance4life goes on a quest to find out about HIV/AIDS. She ends up in South Africa where she meets a famous singer, who is HIV positive and teenagers in slum and middle class areas of Cape Town.

She meets up with the director of TAC (Treatment Action Campaign) and finally comes to insights that make her reveal a surprising ‘confession’.
Back home in the Netherlands she goes back to her friends, her HIV positive chat friend and the volunteers of STOP AIDS NOW!

World sales
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